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About Us

About us

The Breakthrough Dance Company and Breakthrough Productions GmbH have been created to convey the art of break dance in Switzerland and to bring this art form closer to the people. The international break dance festival BREAKTHROUGH is not only focusing on battles but also provides the visitor and participant with an insight of all the areas of this dance style. We give special focus to provide prospects for performing artists of the urban dance styles to showcase and stimulate their development. Simultaneously, adolescents can find a creative activity through break dance which intergrades them in a positive community. The members of Breakthrough work with dilligence and abandonment, with the goal to share their joy of dance with the visitors in a familiar atmosphere.


Olivia Marinoni





Rebecca Annies

Battles and Workshops








Nadine Rufer

Battles and Exhibition





Fatu Sanneh

Kids Day



Momo Fabienne Tanner

Assistance Organisation PR & Sponsoring




Andrea Frei

Stage Production

Make a Chance

With Make a Change we want to give something back and create change for the future. Make a Change is the donation program of Breakthrough. Every sold Ticket generates automaticaly one Swiss Franc torwards a sociocultural dance project, this year in Mexico City, which supports the youth in creative endevours and provides perspectives. We want to inspire and open doors with Make a Change. The visitors of the Festival are animated to think about life experiences in other Countries and about the future of this world. The Children of this project are growing up under very difficult circumstances and find refuge, deflection and new perspectives.

Members oft he Project (Unik Breakers Crew) inform personally about the project at the Festival and also present their art at Tanzhaus as well as in the Battles at Rote Fabrik.


Iban: CH85 0873 1512 2265 8200 2

Accountname: Breakthrough Productions GmbH

Note: Make a change