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Ausstellung en 2

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9. and 10. of September / Rote Fabrik

The Exhibition in the Fabriktheater shows another side of Breakdance and helps the visitor to grasp the Dance Scene. Three local Dancers in their everyday life in comparison to what Breaking with its culture means to them.  At the same time fictional figures, for example “superheroes”, will be presented to underline how they’re used by many Bboys/Bgirls as sources of inspiration and to bring out in their “Battle-Character”. The whole exhibition is highlighted with a Live-Performance at the end of every tour.


Opening Times:

Saturday 9.9.            2pm               5:30pm          8:30pm

Sunday 10.9.             2pm               4:30pm          7pm



Allan Barbosa Lopes alias “Mr Barbosa“ alias Bboy “Mixa“, Illustration

A brasilin Illustrator who is a Bboy since 2003 and member oft he “Funk Fockers Crew“. Allan is working as a freelance illustrator and creates flyer, posters, audio visual projections and productions for several dance events all over the world.


Jean-Christophe Dupasquier, Projection

The photographer and movie Maker from Biel/Bienne used to be a dancer himself. He was internationally known as a member of “Capulse Corporation”. Today it is most important to him, to give back something to the dance scene with his photography’s.


Helen Ree, Photography und Interview

Since 2011 she is accompanying the Breakthrough International Breakdance Festival. Helen is not only working as a freelance dance photographer, she is also doing different publications as portrait and reportage photographer next to creating her own projects.

Live – Performance:

Ivan Menriques

World wide known as a judge and/or host at all different kind of namely battles. He is well known for his overwhelming energy and the huge knowledge of the dance scene. He’s also still active as a dancer. It is very important to Ivan to pass on as much as possible to the following generations.


Björn Meier alias „Buz“

Born 1973 in Zurich, he is the icon of Switzerland’s breakdance scene. He’s attending different national and international events and since almost 20 years he leads his own breakdance school. Buz is also working as a choreographer, his latest creation “Break The Tango” is currently on world tourney.


Celia Jenni

There’s not much to say about Celia, just be surprised, be always surprised. Entertainment promised. Conventional anti mainstream, with the strategy not to be dependent of marketing a certain product within a cultural landscape.