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Workshops: 9. and 10. Of September / Rote Fabrik

Like every year we are offering the free Family-Workshop on Sunday. Another new free Class is the Rock Dance Workshop with the legendary New Yorker Pioneers Bryant and Float, both from the Incredible Breakers. A MUST GO!

Powermoves with Bboy Funt

On Saturday the 9th of September directly after the United Styles Battle there will be held a Powermoveworkshop from 20:30-22:00 with Bboy Funt from the Ukraine. He is known for his "powermove conspiracy" concept and is also judging the Powermove Battle on Sunday. A must for all the powermovers!!
Prize: 15 CHF

Rocking with Chino

Also after the United Styles Battle from 20:30-22:30 there will be a free 2 hour Rocking Workshop by legendary Chino from the Increadable Breakers NYC! Everyone who wants to learn about this dance is welcome!

Style with Greku

On Sunday september 10th from 11:30-13:00 Bboy Greku from Polsky Flavor is teaching a Workshop for all Bboy and Bgirl who want to improve their dance skills. The musicality and style of Greku is impressive to all!
Prize: 15 CHF

Kids Day: 9. of September / Rote Fabrik

A maximum of 30 Kids will have the chance to spend a whole day learning different urban dance styles. At the end of the day, the Kids will be able to show what they’ve learned in a little performance, opened for everyone. Our main aim is for the kids to have fun.